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Talisman Returns to Defend the Barthel Trophy!

The Barthel Trophy is awarded to the boat with the best corrected combined times from the Chicago-Mac, Bayview-Mac and the Trans-Superior. After over 127 hours of racing, Talisman claimed the Barthel Trophy in 2019. Talisman secured the win by a margin of 4 hours and 21minutes over Stripes after racing hard for 900+ miles! Recently we held a short email conversation with owner/skipper Bruce Aikens to learn more about Talisman and Bruce’s thoughts on competing in the Trans Superior.

Trans Superior: Why did you name the boat Talisman? Bruce Aikens: We love the name and all the meanings in the different talismans on the boat. However the original owner named the boat. TS: Are you competing in the Chicago and Bayview Macs? BA: We are doing both Macs. TS: What draws you to the Trans Superior? BA. (We) love the Trans Superior. Feel it is a world class race track. Tacking out of White Fish Bay, greasing the point and heading west, getting up and over the Keweenaw Peninsula wind or no wind. Banging the north shore into Duluth or not. TS: What do you like best about racing the Trans? BA: It’s also been great match racing with the yellow bricks. In years past I believe it was a race were you may not see another competitor much of the race. Now we are engaged with our competition 24/7 and it is a battle from start to finish. TS: Any final comments about the Trans Superior? BA: Most important [is] all of you who put this event on. Just the nicest people, truly happy [for every boat] in the event and always there to help when needed and of course with a smile. Thank you all for the hard work you do to put on this race. It is greatly appreciated by me, the Talisman crew and I am sure all of those that compete in the Trans Superior.

Audacity Returns to Defend the Double Handed Title!

Audacity, a modern production style forty-foot boat, is entered for the doubled handed 2021 Trans Superior Race. Owned by two brothers, Christopher and Michael Laing, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Audacity was previously under the British flag until 2016 when she was purchased and transported over from Southampton, United Kingdom.

The Laing brothers’ passion for the water started at Windjammers Sailing Club, a small family centered organization in Green Bay. Here, they grew up participating in club races, sail training programs, and of course family cruises around Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The brothers sailed anything from Lasers, Lightnings, mid-size keelboats, and eventually crewed aboard a high performance Taylor 49, an “Experience” which sparked a desire to enter the world of offshore racing.

The Laing’s first double-handed race was the 2015 Hook, commandeering their parents’ Hunter 28.5 for the 189 nautical mile race starting in Racine, Wisconsin and finishing in Menominee Michigan. It was there they understood the importance of watch systems and what living consecutive days on the lake were really about. When given conditions ranging from a perfect rhumb line reach, to glassy waters with lake flies eating other dead lake flies, to clear starry nights under spinnaker working your way off Lake Michigan through the fleet ahead of a storm, it’s really hard not to want to return to the scene.

The Trans-Superior Yacht Race offers a unique platform. Sailing across a vast, yet secluded and sometimes treacherous lake provides an immersive opportunity to apply and grow skills in an “off grid” sailing environment. For three or four days, nothing else matters except for you and your boat.

2021 marks Audacity’s 3rd consecutive Trans-Superior, we look forward to seeing everyone at the start line in August!

Christopher & Michael Laing